Our Kindermusik Family is filled with wonderful friends!

My child LOVES Kindermusik. He looks forward to class every Monday morning. he has learned lots from the class…routine, following directions, listening, etc. It is also a nice way for me (mom) to get out and be with other moms and kids. Another great way for my child to interact with kids his own age. –Tara M.


Nathan is shy and as a stay at home mom it is important to me that he interact with other children. When we enter Kindermusik he is shy and withdrawn but after a few minutes he is having fun with others and participating and it is so much fun to see him come out of his shell. Kindermusik allows me to see another side of Nathan!! –Leigh

I think Kindermusik is such a wonderful enriching environment for children. I would recommend Kindermusik because it is excellent way to introduce children to music, language, and social skills in a fun environment. –Desiree K.

Photo-Kindermusik-Baby-Mom-Baby-ClappingI love Kindermusik for my little girl-even though she is really young I can see how she catches on to the songs and she just lights up when she hears the music. I love the interaction we have with the other kids/moms. Our teacher connects well with the children. We will continue putting our little girl in Kindermusik as she grows. –Brooke B.

Some even come back to class with younger siblings!

My name is Maggie. I went to Kindermusik when I was young. I’m 10 and I still love to go! Kindermusik is a fun and active way for young children to learn songs, sounds, different motor skills and much more! The next time you are available check if a Kindermusik class is that day. You should try it, I know you and your child will love it!  Sincerely, Maggie H.

I enjoy going to Kindermusik every week with my 1 year old my son. It gives him a chance to interact with other kids his age but in a structured, musical environment. I highly recommend it for children of all ages! –Angela M.

My three-year old talks about “Kindermusik with Ms. Jeanne” almost everyday. She makes it fun and meaningful because when we leave, he says, “That was fun with you, Mommy,” which gives my heart a little lift! He sees mommy do things that he normally does not see at home, and the memories we are making are so special. We love it and Ms. Jeanne! –Jane Y.

It’s been highly beneficial for my own children and I believe in the philosophy of the courses both as a parent and as a professional musician myself. I enjoy the classes and know that my own children enjoy being with others, making music in so many varied ways and interacting with the teacher. –Adrienne P.


My child loves everything about Kindermusik and I feel I am doing something good for her. –Jennifer B.

My daughter loves the class, and it has greatly improved her interaction skills. she loves to dance and gets so excited every Monday morning. She has learned to share, take turns, anticipate beats of music and dance, and how to enjoy quiet time. –Chrystal K.

My son is learning and growing in so many ways because of his Kindermusik experience. –Kristina C.

Our teacher is wonderful and myPhoto-Kindermusik-Preschooler-Drum-Play-Boy son enjoys spending quality time with other children his age. plus I think that music is helpful in the learning process and helping him achieve developmental milestones. –Lauren R.

It’s great for our boys’ social interaction with others. It’s great for musical development. It’s equal fun for both the parents and kids. –David C.

Our son has been able to interact with children his own age, and he has learned so many valuable skills (like sharing and cleaning up) in addition to the wonderful effects the music and movement have on him currently and will have on him in the future. –Sarah V.

My child enjoys it tremendously. He calls it his “school class.” He is three. He looks forward to it. It is something his big brother and sister do not do which makes him proud. –JanPhoto-Kindermusik-Toddler-Girl-mom-stick-play

My daughter has really benefited from class. She has learned to love music, share, clean up and participate in a group. She loves coming up with her own songs now. And Ms. Jeanne is one of her favorite people in the world!! –Julie B.

Kindermusik plays an important role in our lives. My six month old son,
Sam, loves the Village class. Whenever Sam is fussy we sing the welcoming song and he calms immediately. It is amazing to see how quickly music has become an important and integral part of his life opening new ways to use his senses to feel emotion and to grow. Kindermusik has given us the basic vocabulary to  share and play with music on a daily basis. –Marie


I am a retired teacher and I recognize the importance of the many skills taught through Kindermusik. I know that children learn through play and music. My grandson (who started when he was 6 months old) LOVED his music class. I have told our teacher we are “lifetime” members. We have not been able to attend the summer session but will definitely be back in the fall–and hopefully can still make a few summer sessions. –Glenda A.


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