img_0827Piano and Voice lessons are offered privately or as shared lessons.

“My daughter has been Jeanne’s student for three years. She learns both how to play the piano and how to understand musical patterns and language. I am amazed at how much she knows about playing and understanding music! She has also gained confidence and poise.” –Caroline W.

img_1281Taking piano as adult is always challenging but Jeanne has made it both serious business, and serious fun! Being knowledgeable in both piano and pedagogy, Jeanne rapidly built my confidence, technique and desire to play music, not just piano! I am really proud of how quickly I have progressed. –Zhini Z.

“Jeanne made learning and playing music so much fun.  If only my piano teacher, as a child, had been like her.” –Terri W.








“I was amazed at how fast she learned all her chords. She’ll be able to accompany us on Christmas carols after just a couple of months.” –Teresa L.


Shared lessons are particularly suited to young 4-6 year old children.

Please contact me for more information. Jeanne, 662-513-4994.